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  • Advice from a woodworker or crafter
  • Sometimes you have to rearrange the drawers, they may fit better in some spots than othets, also you can try rubbing the slide parts with wax or bar soap works in a pinch.

  • What is best to clean a walk in shower?
  • Super easy, , half cup vinegar, half cup dawn dish soap ( regular not concentrated) half cup hydrogen peroxide and half cup water, mix in spray bottle and spray down shower, let set 10 minutes and wipe clean

  • My male best friend birthday is next week and I don’t know anything to get him, any suggestions?
  • Something personal that shows you pay attention to what he likes gift cards are impersonal imho, do something fun or silly, make a gift basket ,bag or box of fun silly things he might enjoy, favorite gum, fave toy from childhood, think slinky or mega bounce superball, some splurge that he wouldn't normally buy himself except for a really special occassion.

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