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  • How to stop smoking cigarettes?
  • I know some people who have meditated and gradually decreased the use over a period of time and replace smkoing with physical activites, exercise, or a hobby.

  • How can I tell my child is having a cough related to allergies or a cold?
  • If a child has a " wet" or productive cough or even a cough that also is described to have an itch in the throat, then its more than likely an allergy. Most allergy based coughing are during the seasons where trees have the most pollen circulating in the air. It is a good practice to have a daily allergy regimen in place that can benefit the child under the direction of a doctor. There are a number of safe homeopathic treatments that may be safe over a long period of time so always check with a professional.

  • Self love
  • Self love is a very important thing to have for yourself. I challenge you to get up in the morning and give daily affirmations saying i love myself. Treat yourself sometimes. Do not accept people doing you wrong. Be vocal and let them know what you will not tolerate and stand on it firmly. Im not sure if you are a christian or not but God loves you so much (wether you belive or not) that he sent his only begotten son to die for you to go to heaven. That is ultimate love. I kniw mist people would look at you crazy if you ask them to give up their child for another person. That means that you are super loved and that you are special and important. Priceless even.

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