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  • Parenting
  • Hi Being mum is really a big responsibility In or out of home ur always a mum Well start the day with a hug and kisses with him/her Say a lil prayer and let him/her leads the prayer Feed him/her breakfast coz the next meal ur not there if possible leave him/her a note what to do while you are away or purchase some books or writing materials to keep him/her busy while ur away And pls make a,quality time with him/her on your day off Ask him/her to do some household chores with you as if it is your bonding time and at the same time youre teaching him/her to be helpful And pls leave your kid in a trusted person...

  • My nails are soft its easily break, is there any remedy to make it harden?
  • Traditional way from some places ive been they put some garlic extract on their nails Leave it for 5minutes then rinse Do it regularly for a week😃😃😃

  • What are some good quality fragrance brands that will have a long lasting scent when making soap?
  • Try cool water by davidoff

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