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SAHM who sells candles and leggings for a living! #bossmom

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I am a WAHM/SAHM of a 9 month old baby girl. I use tons of app that make me money and a few that get me free gift cards for my favourite stores! Ask me how with your device OS

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Few Needs Posted By Me
  • What outfits (NOT places) are best for a 7, almost 8 month old, for Christmas pictures?
  • I have a baby girl and looking around at Target, everything is way too expensive for our budget. As low as 20$ for something she’s gonna wear once. I need decent priced item suggestions, not just places.

  • Does anyone know a great way to keep track of infant schedules?
  • Please don’t say the calendar app included on the phone. I need something where I can set reminders that it’s time to nap or time to eat. I’m uninterested in programming it in daily to remind me.

  • What’s the best charcoal/mud mask to use for skin detox?
  • I’ve been using L’Oréal detox mask for about a month now. It softens my skin afterwards but I haven’t noticed a difference to the blackheads. Suggestions?

    Few Recommendations Provided By Me
  • What to make for Christmas dinner? It will be just me and my 2 kids, since their dad is deployed
  • Honestly, a small ham or roast, some potatoes (mashed or however you like them) and rolls would be perfect. Something simple but still festive.

  • What us the cheapest way to feed a family of 5 for a month
  • Simple, easy to cook, few ingredient meals. We have a budget of whatever we get on food stamps and 100 of that goes to buying formula. We feed 5 people off the rest for the month.

  • Is it safe to use contact lenses passed the expiration date?
  • I wasn’t even aware they had expiration dates! 😲 but honestly, I would toss them if they’ve expired. It sucks but I wouldn’t risk getting infection because of it.

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