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  • Homemade bubbles for bubble machine?
  • My daughter loves her bubble machine but we've spent so much money on bubbles. How can I make our own at home?

  • Lunch ideas for preschooler
  • My daughter just started preschool and i need to pack her lunch every day. I made her a quesadilla today and she didn't touch it. She doesn't like sandwiches. Any ideas on a healthy lunch I can make for her?

  • Just converted to toddler bed
  • We just put our daughter in a toddler bed and she gets up all hours of the night now. How can we help her understand to stay in her bed?

    Few Recommendations Provided By Me
  • Tips for potty training my two year old
  • Just force it on him/her. When you use the bathroom invite them to to see it's not scary. My daughter is 2 as well, and we are just starting to potty train. Some days she is interested other days she isn't. When she's not it's ok, when she is I give her a small treat for using the potty.

  • Tips to lose weigh fast
  • Eat healthy, cut out all sodas and anything loaded with sugar. Also working out. My boyfriend has lost 30 pounds in a month just from healthy eating and running 5 miles every day.

  • Is Hulu worth the money?
  • I like both. Hulu is good for tv shows, Netflix is good for movies and documentaries.

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